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Dead Of Night (1945)
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Dead Of Night (1945) Walter Craig, an architect, is summoned down to a house called Pilgrim's Farm by a prospective client whom he does not know. On arrival he experiences strongly the feeling that he has been to the place before. He is taken into the house and introduced by his host to a group of people. These also are familiar, though none of them appear to know him. After somewhat constrained greetings he tells them that he has met them all, and the house, and the situation, is a recurring dream. He explains how this dream always starts quietly and pleasantly - at the present moment - but after a certain small incident invariably begins to darken into ghastly nightmare, culminating in horror - a horror of his own creation - from which he wakes up sweating with fear. He never remembers his dream for more than a few moments after waking, until the next time it occurs. He then describes the incident which will mark the turning point of his dream - the breaking of a pair of glasses belonging to one of the party, a psychiatrist. Increasingly fascinated, the party one by one reveal that each has at some time undergone an "inexplicable" experience. The narration of these make up the body of the film.

Title: Dead Of Night
Release Date: June 28, 1946
Runtime: 103 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Languages: English, French
Country: UK
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.9
Brimstone Pit Rating: 8.9 - (Rate This Horror Movie)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With D

MPAA Rating: Approved

Alberto Cavalcanti
Charles Crichton
Basil Dearden
Robert Hamer

Mervyn Johns ...Walter Craig
Roland Culver ...Eliot Foley
Mary Merrall ...Mrs Foley
Googie Withers ...Joan Cortland
Frederick Valk ...Dr. Van Straaten
Anthony Baird ...Hugh Grainger (as Antony Baird)
Sally Ann Howes ...Sally O'Hara
Robert Wyndham ...Dr. Albury
Judy Kelly ...Joyce Grainger
Miles Malleson ...Hearse Driver
Michael Allan ...Jimmy Watson
Barbara Leake ...Mrs O'Hara
Ralph Michael ...Peter Cortland
Esme Percy ...Antiques Dealer (as Esme Percy)
Basil Radford ...George Parratt
Naunton Wayne ...Larry Potter
Peggy Bryan ...Mary Lee
Allan Jeayes ...Maurice Olcott
Michael Redgrave ...Maxwell Frere
Elisabeth Welch ...Beulah
Hartley Power ...Sylvester Kee
Magda Kun ...Mitzi
Garry Marsh ...Harry Parker
Renee Gadd ...Mrs. Craig (as Renee Gadd)
Patrick Aherne ...Doctor at psychiatric hospital
Paul Bonifas ...French Nightclub Patron in 'Ventriloquist's Dummy'...
Peter Jones ...Fred - Barman in 'Golfing Story' Segment
John McGuire ...Hugo Fitch in 'Ventriloquist's Dummy' Segment

Michael Balcon
Sidney Cole
John Croydon

H.G. Wells
E.F. Benson
John Baines
Angus MacPhail
John Baines
Angus MacPhail
T.E.B. Clarke
John Baines
E.F. Benson
Angus MacPhail
H.G. Wells

Georges Auric

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"The Hullalooba"
"Why Do You Pass Me By?"

Movie Quote(s):
  • Hearse Driver: Just room for one inside, sir.
  • [first lines] Eliot Foley: Ah! Walter Craig? Walter Craig: How do you do? You're Eliot Foley. Eliot Foley: That's right. So glad you were able to come, let's have your bag. [takes Craig's bag] Eliot Foley: We'll put the car away afterwards. You know it struck me after I'd telephoned you, rather a cheek on my part asking a busy architect like yourself to come down and spend the weekend with a set of complete strangers. Walter Craig: Not a bit. Eliot Foley: You see we're pretty cramped for space here, we need at least two more bedrooms. Walter Craig: And with only one living room. Eliot Foley: Yes, only one living room. However, we'll go into all that in the morning shall we? [they enter the house]
  • [first lines] [Walter Craig drives up to Foley's farmhouse and looks around with an expression part suspicious and part dumbfounded] Eliot Foley: Ah! Walter Craig? Walter Craig: How do you do. You're Eliot Foley. [They shake hands] Eliot Foley: That's right. So glad you were able to come. Let's have your bag. I'll put the car away afterwards. You know, it struck me, after I'd telephoned you, rather cheek on my part to ask a busy architect like yourself to come down and spend the weekend with a set of complete strangers. Walter Craig: [to himself] Not complete. Eliot Foley: You see, we're pretty cramped for space here. We need at least two more bedrooms. Walter Craig: And with only one living room. Eliot Foley: Yes, only one living room. However, we'll go into all that in the morning, shall we? [They enter the house] Eliot Foley: Know this part of the world at all? Walter Craig: No. I've never been here before. No. Not actually. Eliot Foley: Well, let me take your things. [He notices that Craig is already hanging up his hat and coat on a coat-rack in an alcove] Eliot Foley: Ha ha, fancy your spotting that. Trained professional eye, eh? Walter Craig: Yes, of course. Eliot Foley: Well, we have seven other guests, so I've put you in the barn. But don't get worried... Walter Craig: - It has central heating and every modern convenience. Eliot Foley: The very words I was going to use! Eliot Foley: Well, this way; I expect they've started tea. Walter Craig: Yes. Yes, they have.
  • [Peter is opening his fiancée's birthday present to him] Peter Cortland: You haven't gone and had your portrait painted, have you? Joan Cortland: [smiling fondly] No, I thought you'd like to look at yourself. [He opens the package to find it is a mirror] Peter Cortland: Darling, it's a beauty!
  • Peter Cortland: Well, you know that mirror you gave me? You didn't get it at one of those joke shops, by any chance? Joan Cortland: Of course not, why? Peter Cortland: Well, when I was dressing this evening, just as I was tying my tie, I suddenly realized that the reflection was all wrong. Joan Cortland: What do you mean, wrong? Peter Cortland: It wasn't my room I was seeing; it was some other room. Joan Cortland: Darling! Peter Cortland: I told you it sounded silly. It only lasted for a moment, but I could have sworn I saw it. Some sort of optical illusion, I suppose. Joan Cortland: [chuckles] All done with mirrors, in fact.
Movie Trivia:
  • US distributors thought that the original cut of the film was too long. The golfing sequence and the Christmas ghost tale were both cut. This confused audiences, who could not understand what Sally Ann Howes, Basil Radford, and Naunton Wayne were doing in the linking story.
  • Parratt and Potter, the very-English characters portrayed by Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne in the Golfing Story are derivatives of Charters and Caldicott, created for Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes (1938). The double-act proved to be so popular that Radford and Wayne were paired up as similar sport-obsessed gentlemen (or occasionally reprising their original rôles) in a number of productions, including this one. The name-change neatly sidestepped any copyright issues.
  • Cosmolgists Fred Hoyle, Thomas Gold and Hermann Bondi, developed the Steady State theory of the universe, an alternative to the Big Bang, after seeing "Dead of Night". They said that the circular nature of the plot inspired the theory.
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