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Gwoemul (2006)
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Gwoemul (2006) The film revolves around Park Hee-bong, a man in his late 60s. Park runs a small snack bar on the banks of the Han River and lives with his two sons, one daughter, and one granddaughter. The Parks seem to lead a quite ordinary and peaceful life, but maybe a bit poorer than the average Seoulite. Hee-bong's elder son Gang-du is an immature and incompetent man in his 40s, whose wife left home long ago. Nam-il is the youngest son, an unemployed grumbler, and daughter Nam-joo is an archery medalist and member of the national team. One day, an unidentified monster suddenly appears from the depths of the Han River and spreads panic and death, and Gang-du's daughter Hyun-seo is carried off by the monster and disappears. All the family members are in a great agony because they lost someone very dear to them. But when they find out she is still alive, they resolve to save her.

Movie Tagline:
It is Lurking Behind You

Title: Gwoemul
Release Date: September 29, 2006
Runtime: 119 mins
Genre: Comedy
All Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: Korean, English
Country: South Korea
Colors: Color
Sound: Dolby Digital EX
IMDB Rating: 7.1
Brimstone Pit Rating: 8.1 - (Rate This Horror Movie)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With G

MPAA Rating: R

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated R for creature violence and language.

Joon ho Bong

Kang ho Song ...Park Gang-Du
Hie bong Byeon ...Park Hie-bong (as Byun Hee-bong)
Hae il Park ...Park Nam-il
Du na Bae ...Park Nam-Joo (as Bae Doo-na)
Ah sung Ko ...Park Hyun-seo (as Ko A-sung)
David Joseph Anselmo ...Donald
Martin Lord Cayce ...U.S. Senator
Cristen Cho ...
Paul Lazar ...US Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du
Brian Lee ...
Clinton Morgan ...Agent yellow
Dal su Oh ...The Monster (voice)
No shik Park ...
Brian Rhee ...young Korean Doctor (as Brian Lee)
Scott Wilson ...US Doctor in Morgue
Pil Sung yim ...Fat Guevara

yong bae Choi
Junyoung Jang
Neung yeon Joh
Lewis Kim
Woo Taek Kim
Jeong Tae Sung

Chul hyun Baek
Joon ho Bong
Won jun Ha

Byung woo Lee

Gwoemul Horror Film Trailer 1

More Movie Taglines:
  • It is Lurking Behind You
  • Man has made his newest predator
  • Monsters are real.
  • Du är vad den äter. [You are what it eats] Swedish DVD release
Movie Quote(s):
  • US Doctor in Morgue: Mr. Kim, [running a finger along the counter] US Doctor in Morgue: I hate dust more than anything. Young Korean Doctor: Oh, I will clean again. US Doctor in Morgue: You don't have to clean up now. Why don't you dump this first? Young Korean Doctor: That's formaline. US Doctor in Morgue: Formaldehyde, to be precise. To be even more precise, dirty formaldehyde. Every bottle is coated with layers of dust. Pour 'em into the sink. Young Korean Doctor: Excuse me? US Doctor in Morgue: Just empty every bottle to the very last drop. Young Korean Doctor: It's just - They are toxic chemicals, and the regulations state - US Doctor in Morgue: Pour them right down the drain, Mr. Kim. Young Korean Doctor: If I pour them in the drain, they'll run into the Han River. US Doctor in Morgue: That's right. Let's just dump them in the Han River. Young Korean Doctor: But, you know, this is not just any toxic chemicals - US Doctor in Morgue: The Han River is very broad, Mr. Kim. Let's try to be broad-minded about this. Anyway, that's an order. So, start pouring.
  • Park Nam-il: Look at that... Isn't that amazing? In this situation? Park Nam-Joo: Wake him up, there's no time. Park Hie-bong: Let him sleep a minute. He needs to sleep every so often. Park Nam-il: Should we leave him here? He's no help anyway? Park Hie-bong: Kids, wait a minute. Sit down. In your view, is Gang-du really so pathetic? Park Nam-il: Yup. Park Nam-Joo: Yes. Park Hie-bong: You wouldn't know it, but he was a really smart kid. For example, when he was two, he'd sit in front of the village store, and everyone walking by would ask him directions. That's how smart he looked. As you know, when he was young, I was out of my mind, hardly ever coming home, staying out all night. And this poor boy with no mother, he must have been so hungry. Going around, doing seo-ri all the time. Raising himself an organic farm. Whenever he got caught, he'd get beaten up. In this way, he lacked protein when he needed it most. So that's why, every now and then, he dozes off like a sick rooster. I think something up there [gesturing to his brain] Park Hie-bong: must have gone wrong too. Park Nam-il: [starts as he nearly falls asleep] Park Hie-bong: Have any of you heard it? The heartbreak of a parent who's lost a child... When a parent's heart breaks, the sound can travel for miles. So I really need to say this to you. Be as nice to Gang-du as you can. Don't scold him, okay?
  • US Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du: [speaking to his colleague in private] The late Sgt. Donald, the first one classified as a victim of the virus, was given an extensive autopsy and no virus was found. He died of shock during the operation. Also, no traces of the virus were found in any of the patients quarantined. Simply put, so far, there is no virus whatsoever. Park Gang-Du: [in English] Huh? No virus? [in Korean] Park Gang-Du: You mean there's no virus? Right? There's no virus!
  • Suicidal jumper: You are dimwits, right to the end. I'll see you in hell.
Movie Trivia:
  • The event described in the beginning of the film is based on an actual event. In February 2000 at a US military facility located in the center of Seoul, a US military civilian employee named Mr. McFarland was ordered to dispose of formaldehyde by dumping it into the sewer system that led to the Han River, despite the objection of a South Korean subordinate. The government attempted to prosecute Mr. McFarland in court, but the US military refused to hand over the custody of Mr. McFarland to the South Korean legal system. Later, a South Korean judge convicted Mr. McFarland in absentia. The Public was enraged at the government's inability to enforce its law on its own soil. In 2005, nearly five years after the original incident, Mr. McFarland was finally found guilty in a court in his presence. However, he never served the actual prison sentence, and there have been no sightings of a mutant creature in the Han River - yet.
  • The scene where Nam-il kicks Gang-du at the funeral ceremony was improvised.
  • The crew of the film used metal barrels to make the splash effects whenever the monster would dive into the water.
  • The computer graphics of the creature were done by Orphanage Inc.
  • As of March 2009, this is the highest grossing film to date in South Korea, selling a total of 13,019,740 tickets. This means that over 20% of the South Korean population watched the movie (although there were also some who went to see it several times).
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