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Gojira Tai Megaro (1973)
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Gojira Tai Megaro (1973) The underground kingdom of Seatopia sends out Megalon, a giant beetle, and Gigan to destroy the above ground dwellers. In an attempt to stop them, an independently thinking robot brings Godzilla into the fight.

Movie Tagline:
Underground horrors attack!

Also Known As:
Godzilla vs. Megalon

Title: Gojira Tai Megaro
Release Date: April , 1976
Runtime: 78 mins
Genre: Sci-Fi
All Genres: Sci-Fi
Languages: Japanese
Country: Japan
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 3.4
Brimstone Pit Rating: 4.4 - (Rate This Horror Movie)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With G

MPAA Rating: G

Jun Fukuda

Katsuhiko Sasaki ...Inventor Goro Ibuki
Hiroyuki Kawase ...Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki
yutaka Hayashi ...Hiroshi Jinkawa
Robert Dunham ...Emperor Antonio of Seatopia
Kotaro Tomita ...Lead Seatopian Agent
Wolf Otsuki ...Seatopian Agent
Gentaro Nakajima ...Truck Driver (as Gen Nakajima)
Sakyo Mikami ...Truck Driver's Assistant
Fumiyo Ikeda ...Man from Unit 1
Kanta Mori ...Japan Special Defense Forces Chief
Shinji Takagi ...Gojira
Hideto Odachi ...Megaro
Tsugutoshi Komada ...Jetto Jaga
Kenpachiro Satsuma ...Gaigan (as Kengo Nakayama)
Rolf Jessup ...Antonio's Aide (Radio Operator in White)
Eisuke Nakanishi ...Asuka Island Nuclear Test (Narrator)
Haruo Nakajima ...Gojira (stock footage)

Tomoyuki Tanaka

Jun Fukuda
Takeshi Kimura
Shinichi Sekizawa

Riichiro Manabe

Gojira Tai Megaro Horror Film Trailer 1

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Gojira and Jaguar, Punch Punch Punch!"
"Gojira to Jetto Jagâ de Panchi Panchi Panchi"
"Megaro wo Yattsukero"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Underground horrors attack!
  • Titan against Titan! Giant against Giant, in the most spectacular battle yet!!
Movie Quote(s):
  • [last lines] Inventor Goro Ibuki: [speaking into the Miniature Control Transmitter] Jet Jaguar, lets go now. [an idle Jet Jaguar nods in response and walks away] Hiroshi Jinkawa: Oh? What's the matter with him? Inventor Goro Ibuki: [smiles in fascination] Dunno... I guess he decided his job was done. But still, I reckon he'd do it again, if the need ever rose again. Hiroshi Jinkawa: Well, let's just hope that it doesn't. We'll warn the scientists to be more careful in the future, and let Seatopia rest in peace. [Goro nods in agreement] Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki: [starts to catch up with Jet Jaguar] Hey! Hey! Jet Jaguar!
  • [Jet Jaguar, controlled by the Seatopians, is spotted by our heroes flying around Megalon] Inventor Goro Ibuki: Hey! Isn't that Jet Jaguar there? Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki: Yes it is! It's him all right! Inventor Goro Ibuki: Damn! They're controlling him! Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki: It's a pity we can't send Jet Jaguar to go and get Godzilla!
  • [Jet Jaguar is about to ram into an army helicopter, in which Goro attempts to regain control of the robot with his miniature control transmitter] Inventor Goro Ibuki: Jet Jaguar, stop! [Jet Jaguar stops] Lead Seatopian Agent: [back in Goro's laboratory, looking on Jet Jaguar's POV camera monitor] What the hell's happened? He stopped! Inventor Goro Ibuki: Get Godzilla! You'll find him on Monster Island!
  • [Gigan flies along to enter the fray and aid Megalon against Jet Jaguar] Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki: Oh! Gigan's come! Just look! Hiroshi Jinkawa: Whose side's he on? Inventor Goro Ibuki: The monster's of course!
  • [Hiroshi is tied to a chair in Goro's lab, held hostage by the lead Seatopian agent] Hiroshi Jinkawa: Where are you taking my friends? Lead Seatopian Agent: To the kingdom of Seatopia. Hiroshi Jinkawa: Seatopia? Lead Seatopian Agent: That's right. It's a country below the surface of the sea. It was engulfed in an earthquake millions of years ago, and most of its people survived. They managed to create their own oxygen supply, and later were able to construct their own sun. Hiroshi Jinkawa: So the legend's true! Lead Seatopian Agent: We are a very advanced people. Our scientists are much superior to yours. Hiroshi Jinkawa: Well, if you're so damn clever, why steal our robot? Lead Seatopian Agent: We have few people. We need to have robots in order to build up an army. Now, we don't have the time to invent them. Hiroshi Jinkawa: Oh yeah? You mean you're too dumb! Lead Seatopian Agent: [insulted] Why you... [the agent slaps Hiroshi, who manages to break his bonds and fight back]
Movie Trivia:
  • Jet Jaguar was the earliest example of a fan-service in a Godzilla film, the result of a contest Toho had in mid-to-late 1972 for children to come up with a new hero for them to use (to capitalize on the many tokusatsu and anime superhero and super robot shows that were all the rage at the time). The winner of the contest was an elementary school student, who submitted the drawing of a robot called Red Arone, which superficially resembled both Ultraman and "Majingâ Zetto" (1972) (both of which were very popular at the time). The robot was renamed "Jet Jaguar" and was set to star in a film vehicle for him, titled "Jet Jaguar vs. Megalon," which pitted him against Megalon (a previously unused Godzilla enemy design). However, Toho figured Jet Jaguar would not be able to carry the film on his own, either in screen appearance or marketing value (which was very important to Toho), so they shut the project down during pre-production after doing some tests and storyboards. Less than a month later, screenwriter Shinichi Sekizawa was called in to rewrite the script to add Godzilla and Gigan, providing more marquee value (especially since Godzilla was still very popular with children). After revised pre-production, shooting took a hasty three weeks to make up for lost production time. Due to this delay, the total production time, from planning to finish, was six months.
  • This film was originally produced in 1973 but was not released in the United States until 1976. A small US distributor, Cinema Shares, hoped to ride on the popularity of 'Dino De Laurentiis' 's highly promoted production King Kong (1976). This became especially apparent in the US poster art, which depicted Godzilla and Megalon battling each other on top of the World Trade Center towers.
  • According to Teruyoshi Nakano, the Godzilla suit used in this film (nicknamed the "Megaro-Goji" suit) was made in a week, making it the fastest Godzilla suit ever made to date. They didn't have time to make the eyes work correctly, something they had more time to fix for Godzilla's appearances on Toho's superhero TV series "Ryusei Ningen Zon" (1973), which was produced around the same time.
  • Aside from playing the Seatopian Emperor Antonio, Robert Dunham, who was also a stuntman and vehicle racer, also played one of the two the "Unit 1" Seatopian Agents (he was the one on the motorcycle) in one of the car chase scenes (where he and another agent were chasing Yutaka Hayashi's character). The last shot where he gets splashed on with cement was done with another actor, because Dunham had to get to the studio that day to record his part, and didn't want to have to get cleaned up on the way.
  • Megalon was originally created to be the third evil monster (besides King Ghidorah and Gigan) in Chikyű kogeki meirei: Gojira tai Gaigan (1972) (in its second draft, "Godzilla Vs. the Space Monsters: The Earth Defense Command"), but budgetary cuts nixed Megalon from that film altogether. While he was originally created to be an opponent for Godzilla, he was considered for the role of the lone villain of this film when it was planned as a Jet Jaguar solo vehicle ("Jet Jaguar Vs. Underground Monster Megalon"), before, ironically, Godzilla was written into the story along with Gigan.
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